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Due to the highly regulated nature of our clients’ industry, it is mandatory that we have documentation and records to support our freelance translators’ qualifications in translating materials with a strong emphasis on medical, pharmaceutical and other related sciences.

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    Zebra Translations focuses only on medical and pharmaceutical translations, so we will only consider applications from translators with proven experience within these fields. We pride ourselves on forming close and long lasting relationships with our translators and provide feedback to ensure consistency for our clients. We also pay on time.

    It is imperative for us to be able to illustrate and document to our clients that our freelance translators and agencies have been verified according to industry standards and that we have documentation and records in support of this.

    Thank you for volunteering your information for registration in our database. Your application will be considered and reviewed by our Languages Manager and if it is successful we will contact you with any additional questions and an invitation to complete a qualification test.

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