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From Customer Survery

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Zebra, the quality of the translations is often very much superior to that of other translation agencies. Furthermore, I know that Zebra’s PMs understand even trickier jobs and that I don’t have to waste a lot of time explaining the basics.”

From email dated July 2017

"Thank you so much, Lisa, for all your help and assistance

Much appreciated"

From email dated January 2017

"As always you are our guiding STAR…thank you so much!"

From email dated October 2016

"Wonderful! Thank you, Lisa, for your prompt attention to our request."

From email dated June 2016

"Lisa, you are an actual LEGEND!

Thank you (and your team) so, so much. "

From email dated 7 June 2015

“I thank you, and I'm looking forward to future collaboration, as I really appreciate the quality and turn-around time of the translation. (The same is true for the 4 ICFs translated by Zebra - very valuable comments!). Kind regards, Stephan”

From email dated 15 August 2014

“Hi Jill, many thanks for your fantastic support with this project, especially due to the short notice that we gave you. Regards, Kay.”

From Customer Survey June 2015

“Zebra are always my go-to translation company wherever I work and I have now used them in 3 separate companies.”

From email dated 8 October 2014

“Dear both, we would just like to take this opportunity to thank you both and your translators for the Speedy-Gonzalez help with this piece of work! Much appreciated. Thank you again! With best wishes, Firouz”

From email dated 16 June 2016

“Hi Jill, it’s always a pleasure to work with you all from Zebra! Best regards, Sharon.”

From email dated 22 October 2015

“You rock”

From Customer Survey June 2014

“Zebra always provide a great service and are very friendly – a pleasure to work with. Thank you.”

From email dated 7 October 2014

“Thank you for your swift, super-professional help! Best wishes, Thomas”

From email dated 4 July 2014

“Very efficient :) Thanks Jill! Richard.”

From email dated 17 October 2015

“Dear Mila, thank you very much for the excellent support provided by you and your team. This is very much appreciated. Best wishes, Neil”

From email dated 8 Sept 2014

“Thanks again for getting these to me so quickly, Mila. I really appreciate your urgent attention. Kind regards, Andrea”

From email dated 15 Aug 2014

“Dear Jill, thank you very much for returning these so quickly. It is much appreciated. Kind regards, Liz.”

From email dated 28 Nov 2013

“Dear Lisa, I have introduced [you] to other study manager in Japan because we are happy with the quality and the very prompt and reliable services extended to my assigned study. Kind regards, Fumie”

From email dated 15 Aug 2014

“Dear Lisa, please pass on my thanks to everyone at Zebra for all of their hard work on these. Many thanks again, Stewart.”

From Customer Survey June 2014

“I have worked with Zebra for about 3 years now, and they are always very professional in dealing with any translation request.”

From email dated 6 July 2014

“Many thanks for the swift translation, it's much appreciated. Cheers, Mark”

From Customer Survey September 2015

Q: Have you found Zebra to be honest in their approach to requests?

A: “Yes, the quotation is a little bit more expensive if compared to other vendors, but the quality and the timing of the translations are great.”

From Customer Survey August 2016

Q: How important is it that your vendor is ISO accredited?

A: “It is very important to be ISO accredited. You know that Zebra have worked really hard to obtain this accreditation and it’s a company you can rely on. I have worked with Zebra for about 3 years now, and they are always very professional in dealing with any translation request. ”

A: “Very important, especially in light of an increase of internal and external audits that also look at our text creation and translation process.”

A: “Very important. Gives confidence to ourselves and Regulatory Authorities.”

From Customer Survey August 2016

Q: What can we do to improve our service to you?

A: “Nothing, excellent service provided.”

A: “Difficult to suggest any improvement.”

A: “All was perfect, thank you!”

  • Martina Iezzi, Production Manager

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