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From scientific papers to labelling of medicinal products, from PowerPoint presentations for medical conventions to website content related to the medical and pharmaceutical field, from patient information brochures to informative posters, a lot of your documentation may have a wide target audience.

Consistency not only with regard to technical terminology, but also in formal aspects of your project, such as style, spelling, numerals, pictures, etc. are key. And don’t forget that rules and conventions may change from one language to another, sometimes even from one country to another where the same language is spoken. If you want to make sure your documentation is suitable for your target audience, you found the right people.

In addition, in projects like these, accuracy and readability are only part of what needs to be taken into consideration, you also have to make sure that your layout is correct.

Did you know that a translation from German into English expands up to 25% compared to the source text? This can cause issues when it comes to translating material with a specific formatting.

We will make sure not only that your translation is accurate, but also that everything looks the way it should. We’ve got it all under control.


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